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Polaroid Self-Portrait Project

The self-portraits in this project serve as a visual diary, reflecting emotions, moods, life experiences and the passing of time. Polaroids seem to frame the captured moment with a sense of intimate immediacy and a genuine sense of capturing time.

My grandfather used to tell my mom "Dear Baby, remember who you are." And mom, in my times of need, would say the same thing to me. She wrote it on an index card and sent it to me when I got clean and sober in 1984. It remains on my desk. Through all the derailments and rerouting that happens in a life, it can be easy to lose the sense of continuity of Self. I did this self-portrait Polaroid project to help myself remember who I've been, where I've been, and the times in my life when my world was wide open, vibrantly alive and pulsing with potential. (Hover over the image for a brief time-travel)

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